Andrew Ellis

Andrew Ellis is a much acclaimed wildlife artist specialising in birds of prey, falconry and african wildlife as well as creating paintings and prints of scenes closer to his home including game birds, moorland scenes and falconry.


Wildlife artist Andrew Ellis is best known for his dramatic paintings of birds of prey in flight; his work also embraces moorland scenes, game birds and African animals.


For Andrew, a passion for painting the natural world demonstrated itself at an early age. Growing up in rural Devon, he was drawn to studying wildlife, in particular birds of prey, which remain one of his favourite subject matters. He now resides in a village, situated in the Pennines to the north of Weardale where he draws huge inspiration from the uplands and Grouse moors on his doorstep.

Whilst studying at Exeter College of Art and Design (1987-89), he won a British Association Shooting and Conservation competition for art, whilst also secured his first contract to illustrate Ranulf Raynor’s “The story of the sporting gun” at the tender age of 18. In 1991 Andrew held his first solo exhibition at the National Falconry fair, and has enjoyed much success exhibiting there regularly over subsequent years. It was also here that he met a number of major wildlife artists including Alan Hunt, who became a source of inspiration and guidance for his work...